Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year, New You

Some people party, some people watch a slew of artistic movies (raises hand) but both of these people reflect. I look at what opinions have changed and which ones have proven solid. I see the way new experiences have forever changed me and wonder which ones will dawn in the coming year.

This time of year I also settle into a monochrome mood. I wear mostly the aforementioned shade and white and grey. And wear one piece of jewelry almost constantly (this year its a ribbon tied around my finger.) The inevitability of being snowed in can drive me absolutely mad but in those unbelievably bored days I discovered some amazing things: Placebo, The Mystery Jets, Hysteric Glamour clothes and The Kills.

Last New Years Eve I went to the mall and purchased The Kills record No Wow. I'd been on their myspace constantly and had to have the record. The weirdly monochrme effect and vacant feel of the music fit into the cold temperatures and blank landscape. Placebo's music also complemented the mood. Lyrically and sonically their music delves into the nether reaches of despair and expresses it with an honesty that turns into a bitter sweet beauty. At any given time this past year whenever I listened to Placebo I was taken back to the first moment that their work sunk in. No matter what season it was I felt as if it is was snowing and no one has dared venture outdoors to disturb the misleading white blanket on the street.

But one particularly dark day "Diamonds in the Dark" by The Mystery Jets took my mood to exciting heights. I feel that I can't justifiably discribe their music. You just have to hear it yourself.

So tell me, what's new for you?

Saturday, December 29, 2007


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

There's Something About Mini...

I recently forced myself to buy black tights and a black mini skirt. I was sure that I'd retreat to jeans as usual and they would lay untouched in my closet. But little did I know that when I put them on with my Rolling Stone's tee shirt I would love the look. I am only five feet tall and the idea of wearing long skirts and dresses makes me imagine a loss of height I barely have. My mother picked out most of the other skirts I own. When she handed them to me I always commented on how small they looked. She insisted that they wouldn't be small on me. They are about an inch above my finger tips. I still feel that they are dangerous to sit down in so black tights are a must. Its a sophisticated sexy in that I'm showing the shape of my legs but not the skin.
When I was in my awkward "I want to wear mens clothes to disappear completely" phase skirts were forbidden to me. I was far too used to wearing my brother's dowdy t-shirts and buying baggy jeans. That look was painfully far away from chic. Thank God I discovered Nylon magazine in seventh grade. In a chic tomboy twist I will wear my cut off shorts with tights. That would have looked great in my skateboarding days...

The girl in those great shorts can be found at and this long limbed rebel at

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Are You a Fever?

Check out the stylish Kills in U R A Fever. They ain't born typical.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A La Mode: Lais Navarro