Monday, April 28, 2008

Icon: Lissy Trullie

Have you ever caught youself staring at a stranger? Like that rare moment when you see someone who looks like a star? This happened to me while on the hunt for pictures online. I'd seen this tall red head from time to time. I assumed she was a model and I loved her look. She wore things like loose white t-shirts with vests or mens jackets with a fedora. Her bright bob and Bob Dylan-esque attire stayed in my mind. All in all she looked like somebody. On myspace I found her music during a boredon driven stranger stalking session. Lissy Trullie sings with the boyish swagger of a '60s frontman (with a touch of Liz Phair) and plays guitar a bit like one too. Her band (Erin Krause, Harley Vierra-Newton and Lindsay Key) harbors key pieces of 1960s folkishness making their music a vintage yet modern affair. They have yet to release the Self Taught Learner E.P. So be on the lookout. It's bound to be amazing.

Next time you see someone who looks like somebody keep an eye out for them again. They might be doing something amazing.

Images 5, 6, 7, and 8 by Matthew Frost. All others from Lissy Trullie's myspace.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whitley Kros, She's Bad

When designers Sophia Coloma and Marissa Ribisi (yes, that Ribisi) described Whitley Kros as a traveling messy haired mix of sophistication, poetry and rock n' roll I knew I wanted to see her suitcase. This ficticious muse (who gets backstage at the best shows) has proven to be a great inspiration. This collection is everything she packed to go to the Fuji Rock Festival. Whitley looks ready to rock in t-shirt dresses with neon thigh high tights, white jeans with a wayward cluster of rainbow letters, piercing colbalt jeans and jumpers with big shiny buttons. There's lots of colour and some plaid pieces look like things Whitley may have picked up in France. This embodies a look I've been imagining lately. I think its time for me to get down and girly, but only if I do it like this. That unicorn top could be so punk rock....

More Whitley!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cracking Up

April showers bringing you down? The Jesus and Mary Chain probably had a pill for that.
Cracking Up (my personal favorite)

*I do not advocate the improper usage of pills

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Confections of a Girl

Its the season for all things Lula: colours, sweet confections, heart shaped glasses, polka dots and the Bird and the Bee

Pick up an issue of Lula. It will make you feel like a little girl again.

*These images aren't from Lula, they just capture it's essence.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anemic Royalty

He became a hero to some when he capitalized on his mortality in music and was avoided as a depressant by others. In the past hero's were the untouchables with (sometimes) supernatural abilities that their admirers could possibly never attain. This time the hero was someone who expressed his humaneness. His words penetrated me in a way that I couldn't articulate when I was young. I just knew that I had to listen. As I grew bits and pieces began to make sense and I eventually borrowed those lines to describe myself in journal entries many times. Thankfully, some of those similarities have become memories but still listening to Nirvana is an experience.

I was fascinated the first time I saw the last image of him that was captured. In the photograph a body laying motionless and all visage concealed beneath a table shook me. I don't know if I can describe the urge that rose within me. I felt that it was important to be attentive to his words. That faceless frame had a voice and I wanted to hear all that it had to say.

This month many mourn his loss again but I'd like to celebrate the work in which a piece of him lives on.