Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Simpler Life

For years now, I've been wanting a simpler approach to clothing (not accumulating massive amounts to the point where I only wear some things once in a whole year.)  And I believe I've found it.  For the first time since I was a child, I felt the actual need to buy clothing.  My t-shirts had gotten so ratty (or grossly stained) that I decided to just cut the sleeves off of them, making them tank tops, resign some to pajama status, or throw some of them out.  Then it hit me, "I only have 5 t-shirts!  What will I do when it gets cold outside?" 

Earlier this year, a love for jewelry developed.  For me personally, the idea of wearing simple, yet stylish clothing and mixing it up with interesting jewelry is more satisfying to my conscience.  There's just something about wearing things that I've made myself, or have been made for me by friends, that makes the act of wearing special.  Thus, I began making lots of pieces.  I will be selling some on  Below is one piece to come:

I have made several pairs of these earrings and dearly love them.  I crafted them out of a necklace my mother bought from an African jeweler when she was in highschool.  Each pair differs a bit from the others as far as length, but the style and sophistication of each pair is equal.  I will update when I start putting things up for sale. 

Keep your eyes on the blog and spead the word!  Credit for the image goes to me :)
Pretty In Black

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Gnarly Ring

Just in time for my new obsession, Gnarlitude Jen has designed a rockin' ring!  In collaboration with the New Zealand label Meadowlark, Jen made a piece inspired by her punk youth (an adolsence that is only the stuff of legends to those who were mostly shut up in our bedrooms listening to the Smiths *raises hand*)  The design has a punk spirit with a simplicity and edge that I feel very, very drawn to.

Only 50 rings were manufactured.  So if your game, get one!  Kate Lanphear will probably be rocking one soon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Grand Re-entrace

Dear readers,
I am back!  It's been a long, long, busy time for me (shifts in focus, new interests, rekindling my old loves.)  Focusing on some new studies has been challenging, and, ultimately, rewarding.  I'm very excited about it all.  In my down time, I've started making jewelry.  Here is just a little taste of what I'll be selling.  When I get it all together, I'll let you know. 

Expect regulary posts back here again.  I've become a jewelry fiend, so my new posts will probably feature more of that than ever.

Hope your all having a great summer! 
Pretty In Black