Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Biker Jacket, Je T'aime


Iron Maiden

The Lost Boys

G n R and Crue Boys

Elle Italy
Rancid by Erik Kabik

Source Unknown

I miss my black biker jacket.  It is possibly the only garment I can wear everyday for months and never feel like I want something else to cocoon my shoulders.  Last night I was admiring the wear and discoloration on the cuffs, collar, and material surrounding the zipper.  Black biker jacket, I love you.

I'm ready to click the heels of my magic black cowboy boots.  There's no season like fall, there's no season like fall.

At work:
Co-worker: I don't like the new Corpus jacket.
Floor Managers (in unison): Why?!
Co-worker: All the zippers and pockets.  There's too much stuff!
Floor Manager: You didn't listen to enough rancid growing up.