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Monday, October 15, 2012


I started studing Russian over the summer.  My interest in the language began with a band called The Slot, who I will write about in another post.  They are very important to me.
Initially, I stumbled across a video of The Slot on youtube.  I was instantly mesmerized in some way by the language.  It was solemn, beautiful, painful, and romantic.  What was most striking to me was how the essence of the language was reflected in the music.  More than anyting, I desperately wanted to understand how to read the title of the song, let alone the name of the band, and there my journey with a second language began.

Now, I have started listening to another Russian band called Louna.  I believe the spelling of the bands name is influenced by the singer Lousine "Lou."  They have a modern-rock sound in songs like "Karma Of The World" (Карма мира ), and an old school metal edge on other tracks like "Change" (перемен) and "Invasion" (Нашествие). 
I know its pretty cheesy to say that music is a universal language, but it has inspired me in ways I never thought possible, most recently in my education.  Listening to great bands, like Louna and The Slot, reminds me why I'm so passionate about music.
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