Saturday, July 28, 2007

Inspiration: Undone

Right now I'm all about hair. Dirty. touseled. face eating. beadhead.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Icon: The Raveonettes

When I named this blog I quoted one of my favorte songs "Think you look good today/Pretty in black you've got it down" -Sleepwalking. The Raveonettes stole my heart with they're Chuck Berry era and shoegaze tunes that tell tales that are always too dark or too sunny. I can't help but do the twist whenever I hear one of their danceable songs. The contrast of Sharon's sweet voice intertwined with Sune's sonic insanity have something new to show to rock n' roll. Whenever shoegaze is incorporated into the rockabilly sound it creates a creepy tune but manages to still fell like something Marlon Brando would have listened to in The Wild One. In one song about an unhealthy relationsip Sune murmurs "And if you and me/Should ever go to hell/ C'mon lets go/ right now/I can't feel a thing/But I'm sure you can/Warm summer's night red tan" and shivers inch they're way up my vertabrae. They're cover of "My Boyfriends Back" as well as the California tune "Ode to LA" (feauting an original girl group star, Ronnie Spektor) break up the morbid storytelling. They defy the half full glass of modern rock sonically as well as visually. Sharon is always in a dress and heels or black slacks while Sune favors an Elvis Costello look in a goth palette. They are always stylish whether they're all dolled up or undone in a James Dean kind of way sporting wing tip shades. This too-cool-for-school group are most definitely pretty in black and they better stay that way.

I highly recommend "Pretty In Black". It has a coveted plave on my list of favorite albums.

Love in a Trashcan

Attack of the Ghost Riders

That Great Love Sound

Beat City

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jean Junkie: Nylon Denim Issue '07

I was dissapointed with the 2006 denim issue, didn't get to Border's fast enough for 2004 and my 2005 one is nearly threadbare. I got my 2007 denim issue in the mail today and it has put my faith back in the publication. My favorite articles are The Greatest Love of All where some of the Nylon Staffers model they're favorite blues, Factory Girl: Magic Number where Dani visits 7 for All Man Kind and distresses her own pair of jeans and Cory's Corner Say Hi To Your Mom where Cory K. will show you how to rock mom jeans. Get to a bookstore or newstand ASAP and pick up this issue, you won't regret it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Do you want to look as deep on the outside as they are on the inside? What better way to do it than by wearing Pudel? I see a modern day Depeche Mode, Joy Division, The Cure and Jesus and Mary Chain lover in these clothes. I bet the bands themselves wouldn't look out of place in them. Every garment is black, white, charcol or navy. Highlights of the S/S collection are tank dresses with built-in ties and wide empire waist belts, scarves that look like mile long tights, blazer's cropped at empire waist and very mini shirt dresses set then apart from other designers who also favor dark fabrics. Dark tapered jeans are a must and purple and cobalt tights add a touch of color. My other favorites are form fitting t-shirt dresses, tight bondage pants and t-shirts with distressed vests screen printed on the garment. Keep an eye out for the A/W collection featuring black jeans with corset lacing up the the back of the legs and gold or silver chain neclaces hanging by a black string. I known that I audibly cringe when black and navy are paired together but here it feels strangely fine.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Number (N)ine

I love this pioneer-turned-bad-boy-on-the-run look that would seamlessly flow into my closet if this was a womens' collection. I've admired the way Tuesday Weild rocked a similar look in Play It As It Lays but with a feminine Nico touch and a huge poncho. The vests, scarves and and the overload of cowboy boots have my name written all over them. The hats and predominantly dark color pallette would be too amish if it weren't for the tapered jeans and accessories. The cowboy boots and scarves say 'rock star' while the rosary's add a gothic edge. This collection makes me want to run away with a modern day cowboy...I just have to go find one....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stomp of Approval: Celia Marco

She complemented me on my last post and was not off the mark when she said that my blog runs along the same lines as her own asthetic. Celia Marco designs shoes that I could most definitly rock. Wearing them to gigs would make me feel cooler than the band. Marco's collections venture into the different realms of rock n' roll and her shoes embody characters of each era.
The 50's Hot Dog, Be-Bop-A-Lula and Aloha from Hawaii collections would have been worn by followers of Elvis, Chuck Berry and up and coming rocker of the fifites. These collections hold the spirit of good girls who are wide-eyed at the sight of rock stars and those just wanna dance against daddy's better wishes. 50's Hot Dog is composed of fun fabrics, crocheted and woven sandals and peeptoes. Be-Bop-A-Lula would have been worn by bebop jazz loving girls with its sassy patent, leather and suede designs. There are also foxy takes on the masculine cowboy boot with bright colors, tassels and laces up the back. I'm especially in love with the desperado-esque gold cowboys. My favorite collections ,Motorcity 5 and Unknown Pleasures, would be rock stars if they weren't shoes. Steel toe stilletto's, bright lace-up ankle boots in leather patent and suede make Motorcity 5 live up to its name. My favorites are the black stilletto's with a white cuff around the ankle with black buttons on the side and a gold chain hanging down the front. Her current collection, Unknown Pleasures, displays grown up mary janes, metallics and a variety of ankle and knee high boots with laces and buckles. Metallic and sude flats with studs and broaches put a new take on what has become a flat shoe phenomenon since last summer. I have no doubt that her designs will be worn by the likes of Sharon Foo, Alison Mossshart, Jennifer Herrema and many more rockers to come.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Word Up: Glam

The origin of the word glamour is the ability to cast a spell on someone to change their looks. In worldly terms glamour used to mean you had class and alot of money. You could roll out of bed like everyone else but show up to the Golden Globes looking like you've never engaged in unsightly behaviors that are a daily occurance for the public. Since T. Rex and The Rolling Stones put on they're make-up and furs with denim the line ( and definition) has been blurred. Smearing your eyes in kohl eye shadow and partying in a faded band tee, ripped jeans and $200 boots with a scarf around your neck has been discribed as glamour's unrefined baby sister: dirty glam. Cigarettes, fabulous clothes and wearing sunglasses at night are a few of her signatures. All you have to do to be glamourous in the 21st Century is party like a rockstar. Or throw on some glitter and furs and at least look like you do.