Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's a Mood Thing

I love mood rings.  What other accessory changes throughout the day?  I'm a girl who needs to be able to alter things around me.  That's why my happiest hobbies involve my hands.  I also like to learn and explore.  Midnight, morning, and afternoon, I always have questions.  So, any jewelry that constantly evolves, and supposedly moves with my moods, is exciting.  On Etsy I found this gorgeous necklace by My Thunderstood.  It is a collection of mood stones and classic pen tips.  It touches on my love: writing <3.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gifts of Song

photographer unknown

For a few days now, I've been thinking, "I haven't heard Halestorm on the radio in a while."  I'm a total car music junkie, so I've been meaning to buy their album sometime.  I get a little crazy when I have my favorite music on.  No hands, air guitar, singing really badly with the windows down.

Today,  I was kind of glum, and then "It's Not You" came on WMMR!  I was stoked, to say the least.  By then, I was jamming in the parking lot of the nearest WalMart and thinking music is truly a gift.  Lord knew I needed to hear an encouraging female voice today (and she's a sick guitarist too).  Keep making music Lzzy!

"Love/Hate Heartbreak"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Olga Road - A Path Less Traveled

Olga Road is producing some top notch pieces with a granola ethic - recycling.  Each bike-ready jacket is crafted (in the U.S.A.) from up-cycled leather material.  So, give those marshmallow shaped, bat wing-sleeved thrift store jackets a second glance.  In the hands of Olga Road, they could become go-to pieces.

As seen on Sea of Shoes:

Dyed with Romace

I was working on my bleach technique the other day (still in progress) and thought of Laced with Romance Vintage.  I always find their pieces inspiring, especially the Dust and Drag line.

This one is actually suede!^

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just listed these on Etsy.  More items to come!

Oneirologist Esty Shop


Audrey Cantwell could have desinged the wardrobe for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.   The upcoming film features heroine Lisbeth Salandar decked out in leather, black and grey. 

Although Ovate makes a statement, like Salandar, the pieces are not quite over the top.  Any woman who dares would incorporate Ovate's paneled leather leggings into her wardrobe.    

The collection marriages art and toughness, featuring carefully crafted knits, chiffon, and leather.  Some pieces actually remind me of Nine Inch Nails stage wear back in the 90s. 

Read all about it (and pick something out, why don't you?):

Nine Inch Nails -  Woodstock '94

 photographer unknown

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Biker Jacket, Je T'aime


Iron Maiden

The Lost Boys

G n R and Crue Boys

Elle Italy
Rancid by Erik Kabik

Source Unknown

I miss my black biker jacket.  It is possibly the only garment I can wear everyday for months and never feel like I want something else to cocoon my shoulders.  Last night I was admiring the wear and discoloration on the cuffs, collar, and material surrounding the zipper.  Black biker jacket, I love you.

I'm ready to click the heels of my magic black cowboy boots.  There's no season like fall, there's no season like fall.

At work:
Co-worker: I don't like the new Corpus jacket.
Floor Managers (in unison): Why?!
Co-worker: All the zippers and pockets.  There's too much stuff!
Floor Manager: You didn't listen to enough rancid growing up.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cotton Candy Girls

I see a lot of girls come in at work with cotton candy colored hair.  Some have pink streaks.  One girl cleverly paired her pink with turquoise earrings.  Others have the bottom inches of their long dark hair colored blue, like it was dipped in the ocean and changed forever.  I always complement these girls and admire the way some of them choose their clothing.  I think it must be fun to complement your funky hair color with your clothes.  I don't like to coordinate (match), so complementary coloring is something I find appealing.

For many years I've wanted to dye mine with cobalt blue streaks.  But, my hair is very dark and curly.  So curls + bleach = frizz problem.  I do embrace my level of frizz as it is, sort of Klimt-ian. I can control it at times, and I love my mane, but I don't want to create dead, dry frizz.  Is there any way for me to get my bright blue streak without bleach?  I'm still investigating...

anna tsuchiya

*photo sources unknown

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fresh Off the Digital Press

I contibuted some interviews to Hook and Line, an online music and art zine.  This issue features image makers.  My two pieces are on Neil Krug (Invisible Pyramid, Pulp art book)  and Alexandra Valenti (Free People, Heyoka Leather)

Check them out HERE

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the Job

In today's outfit choice, I'm going for a the Mika Nakashima dress and footless tights look.  Funny, I wrote her down as a style icon in my job application.  Unlike Mika, I will not be wearing heels for my eight hour work day.  Black cowboy boots should do the job.

David Bowie tee from UO; floaty black dress, thrifted; purple leggings, gift from mom-mom

Mika Photos from; Oricon Style Magazine & Pretty Style Magazine
Outfit Photos by me

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Galaxies Fall Down Like Sheets

I'm not really the science type.  Of course I respect science and people who can decode and understand it's intricacies.  Remembering molecular structures just is not my forte.  I used to think that outer space was not my kind of place either--mysterious happenings, light speed, and no oxygen.  Yikes!  But, in a college science class I found myself wanting to rip the pages out of my text book (I didn't.  Selling it was a better idea.)  The exploding galaxies, cloudy stardust, and the prism of colours enchanted me.  Clearly, all this has enchanged Shabd Simon Alexander as well. 

Simon-Alexander is the designer behind Shabd is My Name.  She uses tie dye techniques to replicate exploding stars, dwarf galaxies, and stardust in patterns that Ziggy would have definitely worn on stage.  She even names them after galactic structures, Aurora, Nebula.  Shabd, let's hang out.

Check out her secret on Matha Stewart.

The result:

*photos courtesy of NASA

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