Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was attracted to Denimbirds after I read an article about them in my first Nylon Denim Issue lightyears ago. The image of actress Amber Heard oozing attitude in tapered jeans and converse lured me in. The denim-based brand is the rough and tumble kid sister of Nudie Jeans. The founder Maria Erixon said featured a denim style was a precision cut jean with a slightly loose fit that didn't mimik the unfortunate 80s look. Now they have an array of interesting washes and a form fitting style as well. The washes range from a classic high (but not too) waisted deep navy with that clean, dressed up sheen to a bleached out blue that is nearly white.

Dresses, t-shirts and vests are also tied to the Denimbirds label. This season there are many vintage looking dresses, button ups and vests alongside more modern looking sweaters and odd t-shirts. One of my favorite pieces is an ingenious turtle neck that is a hoodie in disguise. These threads look so good they may very well have been crafted by a fairy-like bird.

View the new collection here

Monday, September 24, 2007

It Girls in Nylon


Next months Nylon is looking artier than ever. The theme is It Girls. My favorite article (so far) is on model Valentine Fillol-Cordier. The photos are amazing and you'll find out that she admires Kurt Cobain for a very good reason that I've never fathomed. There's a review of the up coming PJ Harvey record (kudos for that) and a great spread on designers from Berlin. There are a few short interviews with shop girls and Jena Malone makes an appearnce just a few pages away from the Fiery Furnaces. The Rocky Horror Picture Show stops by for a cocktail in the beauty section with Amy Winehouse.

Some people scoff at Cory Kennedy being on the cover (next to Taylor Warren who's all attitude in the eyes) but she's famous for similar reasons to Edie Sedgwick: she knows how to rock a look. I've got nothing to hate her for and I do like her column (Cory's Corner) in Nylon. Next I will read an in-depth article on the history of It Girls so I won't have to pretend that I know what people are talking about anymore. If you have a deffinition fell free to leave a comment.

I have to rush off to bake a cake right now but my writers block is clearing. A typical Pretty In Black post will make an apperance this week.


Here are some cool images from Cory's spread in Jalouse shot by Jean Baptiste-Mondino:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Icon: Jamie Hince

I started off this blog writing about Alison Mosshart (the Kills) for her tough girl style. Jamie Hince (Her bandmate) is the neater half of the group. He seems to favor a sweater layered over a button up but carries it in a way that is far from faux preppy. When he's on stage your attention is divided between Alison and his guitar.
They're first two releases "Black Rooster EP" and "Keep On Your Mean Side" are riddled with a raw bluesy sound. "No Wow", they're third release, is more streamlined and artistically incorporates they're signature growl. Alison carries that heavy rocker element of the first two records while Jamie's style favors the streamline appeal of "No Wow."
Style-wise he manages to add a rock n' roll boy element but remains a guitarist you could bring home to mom. But sorry girls, he currently belongs to model Valentine Fillol-Cordier. Sometimes a pair of shredded black jeans or a motorcycle jacket will make an appearance but most of the time he looks ready to teach a beatnik english class. That's something I'd like to see in a guy more often.


Hours after I wrote this I found out that Jamie is now tied to Miss Moss herself. She must dig his cleaned up rocker look. Don't get too distracted Jamie, I want a new record!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time for a Scarf

The rain came today to cool the weather down for one stylish autumn. I am more than ready for it. I don't fair well in high temperatures and constant air conditioning gives me cabin fever. I finally got to turn it off today and wear my granpa's cardigan while drinking hot coffee.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

So summer's over............who says you can't have an autumn of love?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


World of Warcraft and comic books are just a few of Chrishabana's influences. His collections are full of fantasy prints that are reminiscent of acid trip artifacts. If you look closer at the prints you might be startled by they're secret contents that can't be seen from a distance. Bold colors and neons are combinded with metallics and add a futuristic edge. One red hooded dress looks fit for a grown up, Dungeons and Dragons version of Little Red Riding Hood. In the Spring 2007 collection there are softer white and dark blue pieces that evoke the familiarity of a mermaid. One of my favorite pieces are white overalls with a zipper inside the calf that comes up to the knee.
He is also a print designer. The imagery of each collection is inspired by the lover he had at the time. He tells the story of the relationships with fantasy elements. He uses meteors and bright swirls of color to represent the excitement between them and the beauty of the relationship.
His jewelry line, featuring teeth charms on braids of human hair, are like twisted medieval pieces. The jewelry is inspired by found objects as well and harbor a quirky charm. His creations just might sway me to put down Lolita and read some fantasy novels.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chicks With Attitude

I have recieved the Rockin' Girl Blogger badge from Pret-a-Porter Prostitute and have picked five blogs to pass it on to. I chose each of you because your blogs have uniqe angles that set you apart from other pages. When I decided to make a blog I wanted to have something interesting to my take on fashion, so I picked girls who's blogs are like no other.

Ashcan Rantings-You have the greatest taste in music. Your devotion to Prince, fashion and all things hippie caught my eye and I could never look away. Your blog always lifts my mood. I wish I could hang out with you and sing some Prince karaoke.

Diary of a Third World Fashionista- Fabi, your wonderful blog brings a fashionable perspective from an unexpected place. The stories of your life as a fashion student and the triumphs of people you know makes your blog interesting never seems to be out of place.

Nicola's Vintage Boutique- Your blog is well researched and worked on. I learn so much about boutiques from an era that I wish I could've experienced. The information you find is amazing and you bring it to me as if you shopped there first hand. In my Syd Barrett post I wrote about the connection between rock n' roll and that era of fashion, you understand that as well.

La Femme-Your street art findings and streetwise fashion are fit for a rock star. Many people do not understand that fashion is an art form but you continuously highlight that side of it (Valentino's 300 Dress Exhibit). I've only been reading your blog for a month and got interested because of your travels. Someday I hope that I can travel as well.

Mrs. Chocolate-You choice of clothing and your own creations are cute and interesting, but not overly sweet. Your reviews of cool stores and your love for chocolate caught my eye. But the way you wrote about the early 19th century dress like a piece of art work captivated me.