Friday, June 29, 2007

Dead Combo "Splinters"

I love the girls look in this video. The ripped tights and patent leather ankle boots are a perfect pair. This along with the tie, blazer, black hat and rainbow skirt make her look like a rock n' roll version of the mad hatter.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where I Lost My Money

I've noticed that some of you like to write about your recent purchases and it's about time I got personal too. Clockwise from the top: checkered, slightly pointed shoes H&M, $14.90; The Libertines self titled album, used at F.Y.E. music store, $7; The Horrors "Strange House", F.Y.E. music store, $9. 89; belt by Louis Vuitton, consingment shop, $12.00; plaid grandpa hat customized with my vintage Rolling Stones button, Kohl's, $8.10; red striped Italian silk scarf, thrif shop, $1; tape, "Pretty on the Inside" by Hole (purchased out of curiosity) thrift shop, $0.50; electrick purple heels, thrift shop, $3; total $56.30 in the past two weeks.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jean Junkie: Cristalette

Cristalette is composed of vibrant, youthful t-shirts and dresses but also some of the greatest distressed jeans I've ever seen. At my local Whole Foods one of the vintage looking employee's wore these faded Levi's with paint spots pictured above. They looked so authenitc that I assumed he was a painter. After viewing Chystalette's site I speculate that he was wearing one of her designs. Her other desings include jeans with pajama stripey fabric in the holes and some bling daisy dukes that'll have you turning heads this summer.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Myspace Face

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Icon: Asia Argento

Asia Argento has remained a constant inspiration to me because of the way she photographs. No matter who she is modeling for there is always something very personal about her work. There's something behind her eyes that lets you know that the work is tainted. When she was the face of Miss Sixty she added a rock star edge that made me see the company differently. She first caught my attention in the Kurt Cobain inspiried film Last Days and drew me in with her performace in the emotionally wrenching The Heart is Decietful Above All Things. She directed The Heart... among other films. In the film she played a lost, neglectful mother who rocked threadbare Sex Pistols tee's, backward sports bra's and Miss Sixty jeans tucked into Doctor Martens workman boots. Aside from acting She dj's and records under the name 23. Asia is multi-faceted and always has style, no matter what she's doing.
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I recommend visiting her website,, to view her writing, paintings and photogrpahs.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Icon: Siouxie Sioux

You may know Siouxie Sioux because of the Banshee's but she was known by the punks in London for her eye catching fashion sense before her first gig. She played an unrehearsed set at the Punk Rock Festival in the 100 Club in 1976. She toured with the Sex Pistols as a member of Bromley Contingent for a short time before forming Siouxie and the (very well dressed) Banshees. In a review in the NME it said that they're music "could take your breath away". But life wasn't so eventful for her growing up. She was often left to take care of herself because her father was an alcoholic and her mother had to work alot. He passed when she was fourteen. As a teen Siouxie was a loner and immersed herself in music. Her favorite artists were Lou Reed, T. Rex, David Bowie and the Stooges. She became one of the pioneers of fetish fashion and partied at gay disco's. Siouxie always used her air-born hair to make a statement and never had to worry about bad hair day's. She rocked voo doo-esque jewelry better than anyone I know. Her exagerated egyptian make up wouldn't be comple without it. Siouxie's look represents the second wave of counter cultural fashion in the 20th century. Punk was about way more than fashion but I'll do a feature on that later. For now get inspired by Siouxie and her scene at (All images from this site)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Icon: Wendy James

This pretty punkster formed the band Transvision Vamp with then boyfriend Nick Christian Sayer in the seventies. She had been singing Patti Smith covers in local bars and had little songwriting experience. But in a group setting creative minds worked together to make the album "Pop Art" with a top ten hit "I Want Your Love." The release of Transvision Vamp's second album, "Velveteen", led to the number one hit "Baby I Don't Care". The next two singles flopped and the band played a farewell tour supporting the Buzzcocks. In desperation Wendy wrote a letter to Elvis Costello asking for guidance and he wrote an entire album for her that didn't do very well on the charts. After another musical defeat Wendy pulled herself up by the boot straps and learned to write and play her own music. She formed the band Racine out of her own blood, sweat and tears and it shows. She went to hell and back for sake of rock n' roll and did it with an understated punk fashion sense and a dash of glam. Now at the age of forty she's living her dream and has never looked better.

Monday, June 4, 2007

All Tomorrow's Parties: BRMC, Cobbs, Dead Combo

On June 1 I saw the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Cobbs and Dead Combo at the Fillmore/Theater of Living Arts. After security hounded me because of my 'big old fashioned camera' I had some good merch table conversation with the frontman of Dead Combo. Dead Combo opened with an infusion of blues and rock n' roll with a dash of metal. They were dressed to dirty rock star perfection. When they walked off stage inside I said "No! I don't want this set to end!"
The Cobbs played next. They took me to another world with their folky and psychadelic tunes and their very vintage look. There was something really peaceful about the music that came inside me and made me part of the experience. I left with their record "Sing the Deathcapades" which I highly recommend.
The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played a fantasic two hour set that I couldn't help but dance to. They played their drown-in-sound blues songs, back porch foot stomping bluegrass and rock n' roll tunes to perfection. They were dressed in their timeless monochromatic black uniform and killer cool motorcycle jackets as usual and walked onstage through artificial fog. All of this gives them an air of mystique. To me they're a group of fantastic musicians who materialize on a stage after dark. Check to see if this tour is coming to your town.

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