Wednesday, December 31, 2008


photo by Stefa Zozokovich

I'm awful about tagging. I'm sure those of you who have tagged me realize that. I always put them off and eventually forget the mental notes I make. Here are two that I found while looking at past comments.

I've been tagged by both Lu Yi and Poeta Fit Non Nascitur to list six things about myself. One list being random and the other a list of things that bring me happiness


1. I make emotional attachments to my records.
2. I sleep with my grandpa's rosary under my pillow. Upon waking I sometimes find that it is protectivly clutched in my hand.

3. I have a dried bouquet of white roses that my father gave me on my sixteenth birthday.

4. My dream was to be a model when I was little girl. I figured I'd be an art teacher (like my mom) when I retired. Now I'm 5'3" and have bothersom knees do to a vitamin D deficiency.

5. My favorite time of day is twilight. I'm always enchanted by the wave of bright, bold blue that casts it's hue. It looks like world is swallowed in the ocean.

6. I love watching flocks of crows. Any scavenger birds fascinate me.

Happiness is:

1....waking up to hear the null, steady pattern of rain in the morning.

2...the first snow fall of the year. It was beautiful. I love the black damp trees limbs outlined by the constellations of snow.

3...listening to Blonde Redhead's Misery is a butterfly for last month or two. It's magic.

4...being lost in the creation of a song. I haven't been too confident about my music until this year. Now nothing compares to happiness I feel when I'm satisfied with my creations. I don't think I'm amazing but I enjoy it.

5...working in my scrapbook. Mine started out as a place for photos that aren't wonderful but have some appeal to me. I usually end up painting on them. The process has become incredibly personel and emotional.

6...laying on the floor while listening to music and letting myself get lost in a dream world. It's like sleeping while hearing every lyric and insturment. I've even cried to Nick Cave, Alice In Chains and Cat Power there.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Obesity and Speed SS09

I'm a little perplexed by some of the pieces in the latest Obesity and Speed collection. Are the shirts with the cut outs around 'the girls' supposed to make it easier to get felt up or are the garments meant to be interesting layering pieces? Aside from that I love the tunic length shits with with attached neckerchief. The black is especially versatile. You could belt on empire waist for special occasion or wear it over jeans for everyday. The black dress with stipey panels on the side is adorable. The tights with the side cutouts remind me of the April 77 fringe jeans and the lovely Rumi's vintage acid wash jeans combined.

Friday, December 26, 2008

All the lights are going on now...

^odd collage with my Christmas tree in the background by me.
Hello readers,
I was too wrapped up in the festivities to post yesterday. I had a great time with my family. We opened our gifts while listening to Jeff Buckley. I'm grateful for everything but especially in love with my new book 'M.' It is the graphic novel adaption of a Fritz Lang detective film from the 1930s. It also happens to be illustrated by the amazing John J. Muth (I used to be a graphic novel geek. Don't judge me!) Surprisingly, my unfashionable brother managed to buy me a really cool belt all by himself! He's been doing this Bruce Lee workout since August and his clothes are now too baggy. I bought him a tight Foo Fighters shirt so he can get a girlfriend. (By the way Molly, he loves War and Parliament Funkedelic and has a 'fro. Too bad you guys live so dang far apart!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families! And hats off to those of you who spent your time making a better day for the less fortunate (unlike selfish me.)
Now I share with you my favorite Christmas song.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Icon: Alice Glass (from Crystal Castles)

Alice Glass looks like the outsider girl in every high school that the shy outcasts wanted to be. Her bleak pallor and cropped hair paired with her ability to wear thick, black eye make up without looking silly (something I never achieved) lends her an other species kind of appearance. These photo's look more like stills from a movie about a zombie punk band than images of just a girl with a microphone. I also think, and this may come as a shock, it's quite cool that Miss Glass almost never wears trousers. It's rare that you see a girl really rock a skirt. Her apparently great tight collection and filthy Chucks, along with her aforementioned traits, prevent her from looking like a girly girl. This look doesn't scare all the boys away. It draws the truly cool ones in. The interesting and talented Mehran over at Between the Static and Magic has declared her a "dreamboat". I think looking at Alice can inspire an invisible outcast to be noticed. Even if it's for looking strange. Anything but typical, please.

Now get dancing all you freaks and geeks!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


^ by Alissa Anderson

^by Terry Richardson

Monday, December 8, 2008

Icon: Victoria in "Twilight"

Seeing Twilight made me want to fall in love with a mysterious sexy vampire. For a main stream film I thought it was pretty good (besides a few Hollywood moments). Definitly better when compared to other main stream crap out there. Besides that, this evil vampire girl, Victoria, caught my eye with her very bohemian style (evil vampire boy James wasn't too bad either). She was even barefoot while hunting for human flesh. I'm in love with her fur cape and overall look that reminded me of Jennifer Herrema. Since I am a reader (and books are usually better than films) I'm going to pick up the first book tomorrow. This time of year I'm into Edgar Allen Poe and classic Christmas ghost stories so I think Twilight will fit into my tastes just fine.

^Jennifer Herrema

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Love Hysteric Glamour

My longtime readers know that I love Hyster Glamour. Their t-shirts designs are perfect in my world. I'm a total advocate of, "Every is free to have their own style" yada, yada. But when I see someone with a shirt that says "Punk" on it a hundred times (and if it's written in pink) they remind me of thirteen year old mall rats. Hysteric Glamour avoid this pitfall by having a picture of the musician (sometimes Sue Rynski photos) on the front of the tee and lyrical reference on the back. If anything is written on the front it is (of course) a song title. Their simpler approach to the rock n' roll tee is what spurred my love. New desings just make it grow.
Aside from their music designs, text on the garments is still pretty minimal. The title of the line is what first intrigued me. I interpret it to mean glamour that doesn't take itself too seriously is maybe a bit kooky. I think this fits the design approach. My favorite designs are the "Metal Glamour" tee and the "Smoking Kills" tee that looks more like rebellion than a public service announcement.