Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eva Palmer Sikelianos Mastered the Art of No-Trend Dressing

Eva Palmer Sikelianos wanted to wear authentic Grecian garments.  She couldn't find fabric that draped in the way the clothes on ancient statues.  So, she hand wove clothing for herslef and the cast of her husbands plays.  She and her closest friends had secret garden parties where they all wore draped dresses of her design.  Sikelianos preffered to wear her's every day.  She wanted to elude the endless task of keeping up with trends, yet look put together and purposeful.  This, she accomplished.
I used to think about how easy it would be to dress everyday in a caftan or draped, floor length dress.  I'd accessorize with some of my favorite statement jewelry pieces, boots, and an interesting bag.  Looking at these photos make me think, "I'd like one in every color."

Although Sikelianos and Klimt did not know each other, he also favoured Grecian style clothing around the late 1800s-early 1900s.

If you are interested in Sikelianos and Grecian clothing, I reccomend going to a lecture by Artemis Leontis.