Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jean Junkie: 18th Amendment Gets Sticky

Ever envyed the fearless way Mick Jagger carries himself on stage? Look no further for 18th Amendment can put that kind of swagger in you step. They have introduced the Sticky Fingers jean (named after and influenced by the cover of the Stones album.) I love that they are paired with a black shirt in the ad which really makes the zipper pop. For this look inside out, rolled up sleeves and haphazrdly tucked in is the best way to go.
Caution: These jeans may temp the sticky fingers of others.


WendyB said...


Fabi said...

great jeans! and ad ;)

p.s. I'll make sure to let geral know you liked her hair!! I'm ALWAYS telling her that because she doesn't like it! can you believe her? :P

You don´t know me said...

I need this jeans!

Aretha said...

Those are cool, sexy jeans

molly said...

those jeans are.....genius
mick jagger...droooool
yes if you listen to love, please let me know what you think!