Friday, January 4, 2008

Iconic Again: Alison Mosshart

Alison Mosshart reigns as the 2007 Pretty In Black Icon. I, much like the rest of you, can't get enough of her. Here I share with you my favorite articles about Alison. In the America article she tells the tale of her journey to rock. In Harper's Bazaar she talks fashion and her grandmother's jewelry boxes. I've also included my favorite images of her from around the net. Enjoy.
You may have to save the articles and enlarge them or get a magnifying glass. Sorry!


Harper's Bazaar^

SuperSweet Magazine^

from Naboo on flickr^

BriefSmile on flickr^


molly said...

to be honest, i have no idea who is she but she looks completely badass, stylish and freespirited, all things i love and respect in a woman!
though my vote was for keith, im glad she won!

Heather said...

I really like her style!

Bobble Bee said...

awesome post, really inspiring set of images.

Aretha said...

She's like a super punk rock icon, love her rock and roll style

WendyB said...

I always learn about someone new from you!

Ranna said...

I just discovered your blog today and I really, really like it. Thanks for posting all those wonderful, inspiring pictures.
I'll definately return here again! :)

stupidcupcake said...

Alison is so Amazing. Kills is such a great band.

chakanawe said...

MORE JENNIFER!!! less poser!!