Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Crafty...

In my attempt to be resouceful I've been reworking some things in my closet. The above piece was nude but I dyed it in black to make a lovely greyish purple kind of shade (one of my favorites).

This Smiths t-shirts was a bit too overwhelming for my frame (it's a men's shirt, surprise, surprise) so I brought it in on the sides and cut the sleeves off.

I defaced these jeans a few years ago out of boredom and hadn't really worn them since. I soaked them in bleach and put patches on them for a Patti Smith kind of look. The flowers are from my first pair of jeans that my grandmother bought me in 2nd grade.

Aside from being resourceful I've aquired a few dresses and t-shirts as show mementos (The Brian Jonestown Massacre, yeah!)


megan said...

I'm all for reworking clothes. I just recently got rid (swapped) a shitload of my old clothes which made me feel like I had a million more options than I had previously... rock on!


megan said...
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The Magic Doll said...

yay diy!!! I ove your a la Pattie jeans. I admire her stylr so much, the way that the simple combo of jeans and tees looks perfect on her, and suits her cool music vibe. Also, loving The Smiths tee shirt, customized, saves you having to go down to Topshop and pick one up for $20 more.
p.s. I have changed my blog adress to instead of Last Day of magic, so you may want to update that on your blogroll.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

They look awesome. Great job!

Meg said...

oooh oooh oooh lovely work on all of these, particularly for giving my the very DIY with the Smiths tee, as I also find it to be a huge pain in the heinie when wanting to wear a shirt that is oversized and in need of a bit of personal mending attention. Lovely lovely.

And I adore the Klimt painting, what a nice surprise to find here, the colors are always so amazing in his works.

Not surprising as in I was surprised you would post up such a thing, dear no, I love your blog and think you have MUCHO talent, I just meant I hadn't seen this painting in a long time and my morning was a bit gray so the color was so inspiring...not a bad surprise whatsoever...a very nice one, indeed. xo