Monday, June 22, 2009

Pulp Photo Fiction

Sorry about the lack of posts. My off-line life has been a bit demanding lately. Thanks for all the kind comments :)

I'm really digging these photos of Neil Krug's warrior woman; so mythic, beautiful and strong. They kind of make me want to dance around my house wearing sparkly clothes and war paint.

The inspiration behind the series was his and Joni Harbeck's (the model featured) love of 60's and 70's album and book covers and B-movies. For more information on their inspirations there's a great interview with the two of them here.

Neil shot most of the photos with a Polaroid land camera which gives them that grainy vintage feel. After e-mailing him I decided that I need to order some film for my land camera that hasn't gotten any use since I found it in a thrift store.

Check him out on flickr and keep your eyes peeled for his book PULP featuring the rest of this series.


A little Princess said...

BIG heart for these images xoxo

Anonymous said...

This reminds me , of a btter version of Lara Croft. I am totallyobsessed with the video game , but I always wished it were evn more mythical, and that there was proper coverage of sunny palces, as the game feels very dark. Also, it just evokes the feeling of ancient pictures taken on sunsoaked day-equally good!

Supercalifragi Fashion said...

amazing photos!


WendyB said...

Amazing photos.