Sunday, September 20, 2009

The times....

photo by stacey mark

I haven't blogged much this summer. For that, I apologize. I love interacting with you guys and getting inspired by your blogs. It's just that I've changed a lot, positively. Major things in my life (and heart) are different because I stopped running away from changes that needed to be made. A less serious issue that I've been mulling is this: being the kind of person who wears the same few items of clothes for years, not worrying over what the don't have, but enjoying the creativity of reinventing and cherishing a small collection of clothes or being the type of person who understands that they are privileged, knows that there are much less fortunate people out there (who can't even afford one, necessary, pair of shoes) and sincerely appreciates the lifestyle that they have. My relatives have said, "You are young, you are stylish. Have fun with your clothing." But I felt that I was not honoring the gift of creativity that I have been given. For a long while I've contemplated consigning excess clothes that are not versatile and living simply. Lately, I've been living in a middle ground between my two choices. I can go shopping, see things I like, and come home with nothing simply because I don't need them. Sometimes, I find a garment that stands out. Something that I can see myself in for years to come that will go through processes reinvention, like artwork. I consign things that I don't really wear and alter of dye clothes that have potential. With my gifts comes great responsibility. By doing this I feel that I am honoring my gifts-feeding my creativity. I am thankful to be as fortunate as I am, but I don't want to abuse it.

There will still, of course, be posts where I gush over others designs, but this blog will probably focus more on music, art and my DIY projects. Stay tuned. I'll be posting more regularly soon!

Pretty In Black

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Carmen said...

That is so very true. I'm having separation issues with clothes I never wear, don't need and that I wouldn't even buy in a shop today if I saw it there... Its ridiculous. It all needs to go to the charity shop. Looking forward to more diy, music and art posts, sounds great!