Friday, October 9, 2009

Remembering Cliff...

I've been pulling my old flares out of the back of my little jean shelf lately. It reminds me of Cliff Burton. He probably wasn't conscious of how cool his jeans looked (that would be so un-metal). Or noticed that he showed off the drape of the garment so well with what seemed to be his signature pose. (Now I am wondering why I never cease to notice what people wear????)

The first Metallica song I ever heard (that changed my life) was not one composed by Cliff. I saw the video for "One" with the second bass player, Jason Newstead, who was recruited after Cliff's death. His tragic end happened in a tour bus accident in Sweden, '83. Such a bummer; he was really great. James wanted to kill that bus driver. The whole band didn't know what to do with their grief except tour. They say that's what Cliff would have wanted them to do. So they took their emotions to the road.

When I was at a layover in an airport this summer I saw Cliff's biography in Barnes and Noble and my jaw dropped. I plan to buy it sometime (airports will just hope to rip you off in your jet-lagged delirium) and I'm digging up older Metallica stuff because of my admiration for his bass skills. Long Live Old School Metallica!

Watch a compilation of his bass solos here.


megan said...

I don't know much 'classic' Metallica but this makes me want to listen to it! He seems like such a cool guy. Nice laid back rock n roll style.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment on my writing! I'm always a little shy/embarrased/hesitant to post my writing but it's nice to see it resonates with people sometimes.

Oh and welcome back by the way, I look forward to reading about your various projects!