Sunday, December 26, 2010


Karla's Closet has become one of my favorite blogs.  Here eye for interesting jewelry, and her love for her curves and perfect broken in jeans is admirable.  This outfit above is my favorite one from the blog.  The feminie skirt is offset by her amazing Levi's and biker jacket perfectly.  I might attempt this with my similar pewter colored skirt.  Be sure to check her out.


Emma said...

Hi there!
What a lovely blog you have here! Lotts of nice pictures and good inspiration! Thanks for sharing, keep it up!

Wanna be followers? Let me know ;)

Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

Susanna-Cole King said...

Oh, is your blog name in reference to Jack London's "The Call of the Wild"? Have you ever read it? I feel like we must of discussed, of a similar vein, Jon Krakauer's "Into The Wild" (and Sean Penn's 2007 film adaption of the same name), except I suspect maybe it's my faulty memory and it was someone else. Chris McCandless' story is the closest I've ever found to my own, its effect on me was and is profound. It's strangely almost as if I was him, in another life, if only I wasn't a skeptic for reincarnation.

A very belated thanks for your comment, I'm sure I must of told you this a number of times, however, it is most certainly pleasure and delight to hear from you!

Much merriment to you and yours for the new year!