Friday, January 28, 2011

Night Stone

My current favorite stone: Lapiz Lasuli.  As you regular readers know, I love rocks.  I've loved rocks since I was a child.  I've been the sole culprit of the rocks in the laundry epidemic since I was very, very small. 

Lapiz lazuli has a rich history beyond jewelry.  The stone, mined in Afganistan, was crushed into a fine powder with which Cleopatra would adorn her eye lids (she was fabulous!  Lapiz colored eyeshadow is now on my to-purchase list). 

A year ago, I bought a tear shaped lapiz pendent.  I wore it often with my clear lucite (shaped like a tear frozen in time) and my grandpa's tear shaped peace sign.  Recently, I've lost track of the lapiz :(  But I bought this gorgeous ring (below).  I call it my "night ring."  Lapiz looks like a clear night sky.  Some lapiz stones even have a metallic gold matrix of sorts, like streams of stars.  The stars on the band complement the stone so nicely. 

photo by me; ring by PSCL

(Excuse the nails.  I rarely let them go this much.  Later, they will be gold.)

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