Monday, May 30, 2011

I've seen this shoot (by Paolo Roversi) floating around blogs a lot lateley.  Although there is hardly any black or leather, I find a rock n' roll edge in every outfit.  The tafetta skirt and patent leather black shoes remind me of old photos of punks.  Draped around her waist in several shots is something that looks like the Union Jack.  In one shot, the models hips are dripping with pearls like Modonna in the beginning of her career.  The shot with torn jeans and fur looks like a look Jennifer Herrema might sport.

Overall, this shoot reflects what I'm mostly dressing like these days.  The photos are from 2001, the age of ripped jeans and vintage slip dresses.  These photos walk a line between feminine and edgy that I like.

-photos from Earth Age

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