Monday, June 11, 2012

I love leggings.  I have expressed my devotion to the garment in the past, so I've decided to share with you my most interesting wears. 

When leggings first became popular, I was a skeptic.  Why would I want to reveal so much of myself to the outside world?  Plus, I saw too many girls wearing short t-shirts with black leggings and it just didn't look good.  At the time, I also associated leggins with the 80's and hair metal.  This was five years ago or so, mind you, and my love of Motley Crue had not yet set in.  Now, as I type, I am listeng to the Crue (amazing!) and metal music documentaries and talk shows are almost all that I watch. 

I first became aquainted with leggings when my grandmother gifted me with an electric purple pair one Christmas.  I was not instantly repulsed; instead a light bulb illuminated in the area of my brain labled Fashion.  I could wear skirts and dresses in the winter!  They would be so comfortable for days when I begrudgingly put on jeans when I desired my good old sweats.  Leggins became a staple with long, loose band tees.  They are the multi-seasonal core of my wadrobe.  Even in the summer I put on a long loose (typically tie dyed) tank with leggins, flats, and a ton of jewelry.  They're good for anything, like a spontaneous best friend.
Some of them I dyed myself, others I've bought here and there (Mostly at Target in the kids section.  XL=women's medium).  One pair (AA black and green) I searched for on Ebay for an entire year before finding them in my size this last May.  Yes, I am not ashamed of my spandex, lycra-laced cotton love. 

Purple tie dye - DIY; Black and Green - American Apparel; Muddy Black and Green - DIY; Black, White, Blue and Pink - Target (kid's section); camoflage - Target; Blue and White tie dye -  American Apparel; Red and White stars and stripes - H&M; Black and Grey - DIY; Blue and Purple Stripes - DIY.

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Zoobia said...

I love leggings! I stick to black, and I have one pair of leather, just because I find it most slimming (thigh issue, ahem).

I haven't been here in awhile, I'm glad to see you're still posting :)