Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stomp of Approval: Celia Marco

She complemented me on my last post and was not off the mark when she said that my blog runs along the same lines as her own asthetic. Celia Marco designs shoes that I could most definitly rock. Wearing them to gigs would make me feel cooler than the band. Marco's collections venture into the different realms of rock n' roll and her shoes embody characters of each era.
The 50's Hot Dog, Be-Bop-A-Lula and Aloha from Hawaii collections would have been worn by followers of Elvis, Chuck Berry and up and coming rocker of the fifites. These collections hold the spirit of good girls who are wide-eyed at the sight of rock stars and those just wanna dance against daddy's better wishes. 50's Hot Dog is composed of fun fabrics, crocheted and woven sandals and peeptoes. Be-Bop-A-Lula would have been worn by bebop jazz loving girls with its sassy patent, leather and suede designs. There are also foxy takes on the masculine cowboy boot with bright colors, tassels and laces up the back. I'm especially in love with the desperado-esque gold cowboys. My favorite collections ,Motorcity 5 and Unknown Pleasures, would be rock stars if they weren't shoes. Steel toe stilletto's, bright lace-up ankle boots in leather patent and suede make Motorcity 5 live up to its name. My favorites are the black stilletto's with a white cuff around the ankle with black buttons on the side and a gold chain hanging down the front. Her current collection, Unknown Pleasures, displays grown up mary janes, metallics and a variety of ankle and knee high boots with laces and buckles. Metallic and sude flats with studs and broaches put a new take on what has become a flat shoe phenomenon since last summer. I have no doubt that her designs will be worn by the likes of Sharon Foo, Alison Mossshart, Jennifer Herrema and many more rockers to come.


el diablo said...

Thank you very much for your post! You are very kind!
It´s a pity that, because of technical problems, we haven´t update the website with the Spring/Summer collection... This is my email address: If you want, send me an email and we could talk about how to thank you your kindly attention.



ambika said...

The photo itself for the first set of boots is gorgeous.
And of course, the shoes are pretty tempting, too.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

god i love all the shoes i especially love the boots with the fringing on the back the purple lined high heels and the flat boots with the stripe they are all so nice

sara said...

I love those boots you (at least I think it's you) are wearing, along with those robin-hood-fold style black boots below

Joyce said...

lovely boots!

Candid Cool said...

Now that last pair are pretty awesome