Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was attracted to Denimbirds after I read an article about them in my first Nylon Denim Issue lightyears ago. The image of actress Amber Heard oozing attitude in tapered jeans and converse lured me in. The denim-based brand is the rough and tumble kid sister of Nudie Jeans. The founder Maria Erixon said featured a denim style was a precision cut jean with a slightly loose fit that didn't mimik the unfortunate 80s look. Now they have an array of interesting washes and a form fitting style as well. The washes range from a classic high (but not too) waisted deep navy with that clean, dressed up sheen to a bleached out blue that is nearly white.

Dresses, t-shirts and vests are also tied to the Denimbirds label. This season there are many vintage looking dresses, button ups and vests alongside more modern looking sweaters and odd t-shirts. One of my favorite pieces is an ingenious turtle neck that is a hoodie in disguise. These threads look so good they may very well have been crafted by a fairy-like bird.

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Moose on the Loose said...

that looks so cool. thanx for telling me about it! btw, i'm lovin your blog right now.