Monday, September 24, 2007

It Girls in Nylon


Next months Nylon is looking artier than ever. The theme is It Girls. My favorite article (so far) is on model Valentine Fillol-Cordier. The photos are amazing and you'll find out that she admires Kurt Cobain for a very good reason that I've never fathomed. There's a review of the up coming PJ Harvey record (kudos for that) and a great spread on designers from Berlin. There are a few short interviews with shop girls and Jena Malone makes an appearnce just a few pages away from the Fiery Furnaces. The Rocky Horror Picture Show stops by for a cocktail in the beauty section with Amy Winehouse.

Some people scoff at Cory Kennedy being on the cover (next to Taylor Warren who's all attitude in the eyes) but she's famous for similar reasons to Edie Sedgwick: she knows how to rock a look. I've got nothing to hate her for and I do like her column (Cory's Corner) in Nylon. Next I will read an in-depth article on the history of It Girls so I won't have to pretend that I know what people are talking about anymore. If you have a deffinition fell free to leave a comment.

I have to rush off to bake a cake right now but my writers block is clearing. A typical Pretty In Black post will make an apperance this week.


Here are some cool images from Cory's spread in Jalouse shot by Jean Baptiste-Mondino:


riz said...

wow - Belgian designer ehhh? one of my favorite topics : )

Victor said...

haha i love the one when she is standing above the camera man! Nice post


Erin said...

I'm still a little split on Cory Kennedy (Personally, I like her, but I can see why others would find her annoying). Either way, I definitely prefer seeing Cory and her ilk on the cover than some starlet who's probably just doing some obligatory promotion.

But Ms. Valentine...oh my goodness! Such personality! So intelligent and has a unique style. I hope she transitions effectively into some other art form...I doubt she can model forever.

ayla dolan said...

i love cory kennedy's style. shes definately one of my prominent style icons. but i guess i can see how some people are unsure of her, or just blatantly dont like her. cos of course theres always some people that dont believe in people getting famous for, essentially, nothing. which is fine, its their opinion. but to me cory just seems like a fun, and extremely lucky, girl and i have a lot of admiration and respect for her..and obviously her clothes.


luyi said...

is it paris hilton's issue?

i didn't find valentine!