Monday, October 15, 2007

Icon: Marc Bolan

When Tyranasaurus Rex decided to drop accessable folk music Marc Bolan piled on the glitter. Actually, their manager gave him his frist taste of make-up for a performance on Top of the Pops and Marc never looked back. Soon after every kid in London had stream of silver glitter under they're eyes. Marc also shortened Tyranasaurus Rex to the quick and easier to say T. Rex. With the help of an electric guitar he put together one of the defining groups of glam rock music. His mile high curly mane and black eye liner captivated girls all over the world. The old fans of Tyranasaurus Rex critisized Bolan for ceasing to write tunes about dragons and instead pumping out funky, hot grooves with smokin' lyrics. Thirty years after their demise (and Bolan's untimely death) the songs are still hot and Bolan's 'venus in furs' style is still fashionably glam.
Marc with girlfriend Gloria Jones

Now go bump and grind if its good for your mind

20th Century Boy

Get It On

Children of the Revolution


ediegirl said...

i check this blog page like every day. i love everything on it. its so cool and i love T-rex.

riz said...

T Rex was great, though I've only heard random songs on random compilations. his hair is truly excessive!

Pretty In Black said...

Thankyou EdieGirl!

And Riz, yes, he had big-as-Texas hair before hair metal. I guess they took that from glam along with the make-up but I can't get into hair metal music.

Aretha said...

I loved his style, I was just to post something about this guy..Thanks for this!
Greetings from Martirio's Way

WendyB said...

Love his music and look!

Candid Cool said...

i'll have to take a peak into him

yes, ive seen bits of the cavalli for h&m. the men's & even the women's pieces are surprisingly sleek. i think my tailor pretty much is annoyed with me @ the men's shirts i take to her.

Yvonne said...

Love Marc Bolan have all his vinyls and now cd's the guy will be rocking in "heaven". Music and fashion is so different from the rest rock on!!