Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All the Myspace People


WendyB said...

Nice pix.

You don´t know me said...

These kind of people inspired me... Great pics.

Tell me your shoe size!

molly said...

after having foolishly watched an episode of "newport harbour" and losing complete faith in the potential of my generation, these photos are making me feel a whole lot better
thank you!!

p.s. yes definitely get arctic monkeys tickets if you can. you will not regret it!

Candid Cool said...

i'm with molly MTV, i can actually feel my brain cells decaying when i watch it.

and how on earth did that girl find a pipe line! i want to wear black outfits and pose by a pipe line! some girls have all the luck...

molly said...

wow i havent had the fortune to have seen whitney houstons show
i dont think its widely available in canada
we dont get i love new york either