Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Miki Fukai

The word 'patchwork' can bring to mind things that are rather unfashionble: quilts, farmers and not so great home sewing. Miki Fukai takes patchwork to a place much more remniscent of rock. She deconstructs thriftstore denim finds into some of the most innovative looking jeans I've seen. I can't stop lusting over the black and grey pair with the laces tracing the back of the legs. If you've ever wanted to the whole 'mechanic' look but too felt too blah in one shade Fukai's patchwork catsuit might be just what your looking for. Or maybe what appears to be a masculine yet dandy take on the jumper (think Wind in the Wires era Patrick Wolf) is more your style. And if dresses are always too girly her black numbers with corsetry lacing on the waist could very well suit your mood.

Spring/Summer 2008 sees Fukai entering the territory of woven leggings and deconstructed shirt dresses. Rompers are also present as well as a drop-waist, mid-calf jumper with a single cargo pocket. Miki Fukai is a has a quite a mixed bag of tricks that will no doubt keep heads turning.


Haze said...
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Haze said...

I love that last one. I was never really into patchwork, but those jeans are awesome. I love your blog btw (VV!). I just started mine, check it out-
Sweet Obsessions

(sorry for that shameless spamming!)


the patchwork overalls/jumpers are super!

Susan said...

Recycling has never looked so good. It's all kind of 90's and tacky but in a really good way, like christopher kane's stonewashed denim and snakeskin. Well actually I wasn't a massive fan of that. But I do love that dress in the 4th pic.

WendyB said...

Cool stuff!