Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Icon: Bat for Lashes

In an effect to make record shopping less overwhelming I decided to narrow down my list. When I came to Bat For Lashes I said, "I don't even remember what they sound like, who are Bat for Lashes anyway? I won't like them. I'll give them a listen right now." After a single visit to their myspace I was enrapt in a swell of whimsical, yet creepily grounded, music. I listened to Horse and I repeatedly for an hour. When I heard the handclap opener to Priscilla I knew I had to get the record. This music feels like the emergence of another world and the band dress themselves appropriately. Feathers, sequin headbands, and milkyway streams of gold beneath their cheekbones are just a few of their elfin and gypsy adornments.

To hear Natasha Khan tell it, making the record was pure magic-she tracked vocals in a rainy forest. Onstage you'll see them switch instruments mid-song. They even have a shaman staff that produces a thunder-like rage when its hilt hits the stage.

Through this experience I've learend that Bat for Lashes aren't to be taken for granted. They are here to take you away. Now go feast amongst the red wood giants and shadow banquets.



Ediot said...

really really beautiful images! they just look so amazing. going to listen to the music aswell now..

Susan said...

She is amazing. Gorgeous lovely photos. I really like your blog, you have loads of lovely lovely pics.

Lin the Harlequin said...

Bat for lashes is just ONE person...even though she has a band playing behind her.

Just wanted to point it out.

If this sounds like complete snobbery just know I didn't mean it that way.

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molly said...

im not a huge fan of her music but i love looking at pictures of her, shes so intriguing!
i love native american headresses, unfortunately i live in an area were it would be considered quite offensive to wear one, as a non-aboriginal person

Kiki said...

I love bat or lashes and natasha khan is gorgeous! just wish I had a reason to dress up like them x

Kiki said...

I love bat or lashes and natasha khan is gorgeous! just wish I had a reason to dress up like them x

candid cool said...

i happened upon one of her videos on utube, nice beat to the song

nerdmafia said...

just saw b4l at bowery ballroom in nyc. check out my blog and lemme know what you think. http://iwasattheshow.blogspot.com

love your blog btw. i'll be checking in on you regularly.