Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Heart Turns Black All The Time ...

The new April 77 collection has reminded me again of why I love fashion. My favorite looks are all representative of an era's music. People dressed to relfect the music they loved. They lived it. Just having the latest pop song on you iphone wasn't enough. Some of these looks were often faced with social condemnation, but that didn't stop the wearers. They knew what they loved and how they wanted to live it out.

The first thing that I noticed about April77 was their love of music and how they built they're collections around past looks that they loved, regardless of what was in Vogue. In they're lastest collection titled We Lived Our Lives In Black they capture the 80's and 90's lovers of music. They're big influences were the Jesus and Mary Chain, suburbia and shoegazer and dream pop music. They are fittingly captured, especially in the plaid button down title the Smiths shirt. Some of my favorite looks are oversized knit and jersey sweaters over skinny pants, the anti- texas tuxedo all black look with a very light denim jacket and my favorite skinhead pieces, messily bleached jeans and jackets. But there's no way I can forget the graphic Fraction sweater that brings to mind These New Puritans. My favorite look in the women's collection is the drapey black v-neck shirt tucked into highwaisted skinny jeans with black ankle boots. Besides that alot of the looks are unisex (I like to say unisexy). The most intriguiging piece in the collection are no doubt the Dictator pants. They're black acid wash jeans that are still dark as night on the inside. Rolling them up looks amazing.

I'm sure that living your life in black will never get old. It can be neat, mysterious and rebelious and most of all its timeless. From the Jesus and Mary Chain to the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club it lives on.

Some of the best:


Trash Can Age said...

I love your blog. As a die hard BRMC fan, and lover of all things black, I'm glad to find a blog dedicated to the (I believe) small group of people who glorify the music and the 'fashion' of the Jesus and Mary Chain continuation.

emilyellen said...

i completely agree the outfit in the top middle is so right. i think i liked the last collection a little bit better but the big cardigans are still cool.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I agree with everything pretty much and this music is love.
I'm so glad I found your blog a week or so ago from something you wrote a while ago about PJ Harvey.

Meghan said...

hi...i love your blog and want to give you free black me @!


Anonymous said...