Friday, August 29, 2008

Everyone's A Winner

I have recieved two blogging awards from Z and Lu Yi.

From Z: . Pretty in Black - I've spent countless spans of time checking out her archives! She has a really mature sense of taste when it comes to music and fashion. Her focus on androgyny and grunge really appeals to me, and her blog was probably the first one I discovered that really seemed to offer something different than the others (not that the others offer something bad, I just get a bit tired of reading about/looking at the same things sometimes). A true original!

The rules for passing on the award are as follows:

1) When received, you may post the premio to your blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received it from

3) Give it to 7 blogs

4)… link to those 7 blogs

5)…and leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

1. Sanna, I am the type of person who's too shy to get too personal. In contrast to me, I love to read about your adventures in the different places you've lived and been. I dig your style and your love of Nick Drake. I love him too.

2. Ross, our music tastes are similar yet different enought that I can relate to you and learn about something great. I've listened to some of your music too. One morning I woke up and "Noir" was stuck in my head. Please keep writing and making music.

3. Oh Jen, I love that when you write about music your have a story to tell. I share your love for music and the way it bookmarks parts of your life. Plus you actually know some of the muscians that I love. You've done some great things and you'll continue to do more.

4. Lu Yi, I imagine that your a creative person. You are drawn to a certain texture in the photo's of artists that you like. They intrigue and inspire me. Reading your blog is almost like visiting a gallery show for me.

5. Kitten from Picked Picks, what is your real name? Anyway, I saw your stylemob page before I read your blog. I dig the way you layer clothing. My favorite pieces seem to always be the ones you bought in Japan. I especially love the skirts and dresses that you know in interesting ways.

Your articles are great too. I haven't gotten the chance to try out your travel tips yet but I'll keep them in mind. I also love you inspiration magazine scans.

6. Andrea, your interest in vintage is really inspiring. Especially since I am seeing myself become more of a hippie in black. Your topics are fit to be magazine articels. Although I'm not good with spanish, that doesn't stop me from looking at your blog for inspiration. Where do you find all of your great photos?

7. Immaculate Collection, I appreciate the old fashioned femininity as well as the punk rock of your collaboration. Who says you can't be cute and rock too?

From Lu Yi: Pretty In Black: She's the inspiration machine. A little bizarre but in a good way. A girl in black, pretty in black.


1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.

2. For dedicated followers of your blog.

3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

With this gold card I would buy:

1. A digital camera. A good one. I love the feel of film (and dislike the look of digital) but I've got to have a digital for future commercial reasons.

2. All of the records on my 'to buy' list (more Blonde Redhead, Amy Cooper, more Kills, These New Puritans, the rest of the Nick Cave records, MBV Bloody Rarities Volume 2, more VU, more Deathcab, more Beirut, Devendra Banhart, The Listening, more Royal Trux, more BRMC, more Sonic Youth, More Bowie ect.) And books too.

3. Maybe some hippie-ish clothes to mix with my rocker stuff. I don't have much of a desire to have loads of clothes anymore. But I'd love the rose parfume from L'Occitane (I'll probably get it tomorrow).

4. Nine Inch Nails tickets for tonight.

5. Lastly, I'd go to some place where the beaches are cold and the sky is slate grey. I could walk for hours and take photos and write.

Tell me what you want:

1. Immaculate Collection

2. Black Magic

3. Makeba

4. Ross

5. Jen

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks so much for the award. And the super nice words you had to say to me and my blog! I definitely appreciate it a lot!!! Thank you!