Friday, October 24, 2008

Dries Van Noten SS08

Yes, I'm a little late to write about this collection. I also struggle with dressing weather appropriate (simply putting a cardigan over a tank top in this weather still isn't enough for warmth, but I look great!) and don't pay attention to the 'which colors go with each season' rule (I wore midnight blue nail polish all summer). Since I have recently let down my hostility toward bright colors I can't help writing this post. I haven't paid much attention to Dries Van Noten but now I'm a fan. When I look at this collection I keep imagining each ethnic top with jeans and the loose patterned pants with t-shirts and converse. Plus the bangle necklaces are quirky in the perfect way. These pieces could add an unexpected special touch to any band t-shirt or simple pair jeans. Though I'd prefere beat up denim with these tops.


Anonymous said...

i can totally relate, it's why i learned to hem my own pants/jeans! i recently ordered a miniskirt online that turned out to actually reach my knees, thus not so mini after all :(
as for nail polish i'm still wearing black...i tend to hold on to certain trends and incorporate them into my look. i find it works best that way!

-h of candid cool said...

its beautiful no doubt, but i guess its something id have to see individually and in person to really appreciate it.

Aida said...

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

i can probably do those necklaces with the number of bangles that i have.

oh, if only it were possible for me to send you some of this heat, then you do the same with the cold, we'll both be probably happy.

dear, i tagged you!