Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Icon: Mika Nakashima

I learned about Mika Nakashima when the infamous Lulu briefly wrote about her. She is a Japanese singer and actress. Mika played a true punk rock chick in the film adaption of Nana (a manga I am currently reading and loving.) That's all I know about her work. I've been distracted from my usual posting research by her style. I'm impressed with the way she can wear a dress and jeans without looking like a shopping cart lady or fashionista gone wrong. I'm interested in giving it a try myself. Keeping her looks in mind will be quite helpful. The blue-green lacey dress over the ripped jeans has me especially smitten. Vintage shopping here I come...

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megan said...

Wow, this girl has cool style. Very inspiring!

megan /

Anonymous said...

I like her hair very much, and I am also interested as to wear she got that Bowie tee-shirt in such a perfect size.

Anonymous said...

i also love those vincent price/roger corman films, amc once had a marathon. it's funny, no one else ever knows what i'm talking about when i mention them!

luyi said...

i love her.
her songs and style are great.
have you seen her film NANA?

nepalese_princess said...

I LOOOOVEE MIKA NAKASHIMA!! More specifically,, the character she plays in NANA. i didn't read the manga,,but i watched the entire anime,,,watched the movie 1 and the sequel (you should watch all of it..its not enough to just know the story)
NANA got me into Vivienne Westwood,,and i did all this research about her,,and then i got into fashion. and then all the blogs about fashion. So NANA has a dear place in my heart.
I looove the story,,its very real in the emotions it shows,, and very least to me.
--well thats my NANA story.

i'm a hardcore NANA (& Ai Yazawa) fan..and a ofcourse, i read this blog.. sooo you see the connection?? both of you are awesome!

Once again,,, WATCH ALL THE ANIME & THE MOVIES. k? more visuals of this amazing character,,you won't regret it,,
my favvv anime to date. i don't think anything will EVER top it.

nepalese_princess said...

umm,,she's also a singer,,

her own songs are okay,, i'm not a fan of that.

BUT the songs that the bands play,,the soundtrack to the NANA movies and anime are REALLLLY GOOD!!! Check them out kay.
some of them are:
glamorous sky
endless love
--- theres a ton of other good songs..can't think of them at the moment
the NANA franchise even has albums of the soundtracks,,all really good i tell ya.
the one as NANA's voice is sung by Anna Tsuchiya,, and the one from Takashi/Ren's band is sung by Olivier..or something like that.

deffo worth checking out.

Siie said...

i love her david bowie shirt.