Friday, July 3, 2009

Antique Kimonos

These photos of antique kimono's from Neville Trickett's flikr page are inspiring me to get crafty. It's really humbling for me to think about an era when the average person made all of their clothes. Necessity was the focus, not quantity. The personalization that went into the few garments that you had was really special. That's something I'm realizing now that I have focused more on altering my clothes instead of filling up closet with more than I need.
I've had fascination with kimono's since I became a manga dork in middle school. I asked for one for Christmas many times. I did eventually find a beautiful red one in a thrift store. I've thought about shortening it so I can wear it the way Jimi Hendrix wore one in the 60's. But I cannot bare to slice the gorgeous garment with a pair of scissors. Maybe I'll develop the bravery someday. Until then I might make one out of denim scraps.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you think of how to adapt the most femenine of outidts , inti something Hendrix-like. Aren't you finding Hendrix the perfect summer music at the moment? I am loving Crosstown Traffic and Castles Made of sand, for summer parties and late night.

Anonymous said...

Kimonos-an intriguing idea! I like the new layout, btw.