Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life In Motion

Thanks to The Ongoing Project I am now aware of Idea2Lifestyle's Etsy shop. While looking at the seemingly mythical garments I had to chant my new mantra, "I have lots of interesting clothes, I don't need anymore, I don't want anymore." I'm not sure if it's working.
The design team takes inspiration from Asian cultures and interprets those interesting elements into modern fashion. It's not unusual to find a little history lesson (poem, or song lyric) about the garments on the Etsy page. A few pieces reminded me of James-Paul's design aesthetic (I know, I know, the Fashion Show is not as great as Project Runway, but what else was I going to do on a Wednesday night?) that has me intrigued. One poncho is cut in the shape of a triangle to encourage the fabric to drape along the upper body when worn. Jennifer Herrema would probably dig it.
Another exciting thing about the collection (along with the designer's ability to transport me to far away places) is that everything is reasonable priced.
These clothes make me think of a time when I will travel. I don't know when it will happen, I just know that it will.

(the story behind the "Wild Rose" scarf)
Don’t ask me where I am from
My home is far away
Why I am on the drift
On the drift
For the free birds in the blue sky
For the happy stream among the valley
For the wild rose bloom in winter
For the olive tree in my dream
That’s why I am on the drift

Isn't the models hair great? So interesting!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE PJ Harvey, here music reminds me of crazee dreams, and her conifence is incredible. I love the native american/ethnic themes of this clothing, and the way they can be grunge up with converse and studs.
xp.s. Goddluck on the mantr in the face of such temptation, I'll just stick to donating my excess!

Shay said...

they're all so temptingly affordable too, aren't they? :)

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh dear, now that you've lead me to Idea2Lifestyle's Etsy page, I do believe I'll have to compose a mantra similar to yours to help me resist the urge to click and buy!

Really gorgeous garments though, especially love the third one that you posted!


AMIT said...

Really awesome clothes.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE that last dress...