Saturday, November 28, 2009

my jewelry

(fuschia suede-an artifact from childhood-and a had-me-down silver bead; black pearl necklace from; turquiose cross, gift from my mom; silver spike necklace, H&M; japanese coin on a braided piece of fabric from one of my dad's old shirts; coin necklace and bracelet set, thrifted; Indian pendent, Mango (not the chain, a boutique); my favorite silver chain, thrifted) Click to see images larger

I finally found a way to organize all of my jewelry. I'm the type of person who (unfortunately) uses any available surface for 'storage' to the point where everything's a mess. Inside my Ikea unit I housed all of my necklaces and bracelets in tangled pile. Now, I can see what I have which will help stave off consumer temptation.

(rosary, thrifted; green beaded necklace, thrifted; silver leaf necklace, H&M; clock key, antique; Native American medicine pouch, an artifact from childhood; tear drop peace sign, my grandpa's; silver fan necklace, vintage (it was my mom's); turquoise necklace, thrifted, vintage black beaded necklace, consignment; owl necklace, vintage)

(on right: rainbow jewel box necklace, consingnment; onyx pendent, gift from my parents; bullet necklace, gift from my brother; gold star, thrifted)

(on the far right next to the gold star is a necklace made by the Sue indian tribe)

This is my necklace collection. I've got quite a few rings and bracelets that I'll post about sometime too.


Zoobia Ilyas said...

wow, that's a really impressive collection! Great idea displaying them like that, prevents tangling, right? And good luck with the photography, sounds like fun.

Zoobia Ilyas said...
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Youngest Indie said...

Love your collection!!

Marta Represa said...

You've got so much jewellery! I love your necklaces.


Carmen said...

Great, love your stuff. I hang my jewellery like that as well:)

Izzy said...

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