Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beetle and Flor

I have recently become interested in bone jewelry. This first began in my drawing class. There are props for still life's all over the room and in the back of the studio, animal skulls. Before class I often put my portfolio down and gaze at them. Sometimes I pick them up gently and look at the signs of aging: pale yellowing bone tones that Georgia O'Keefe loved and hair line fractures. As time went on, my fascination was stimulated. Some of my longtime readers know that I am a Japanese anime geek. While watching an old tape (yes, VHS) of Trigun I become envious of the villain Legato's ensemble. He wears a long white coat with a human skull below the shoulder. (How bad a' would I look wearing that!?) All the while, my style was slowy looking quite Americana (perfect for bones.) And so, the wheels of my mind turn, "Should I ask my drawing instructor where they get the bones? If I could find a small iguana skull it would make a great pendent. But I was going to watch that special on the Amazon head shrinkers........Maybe a tooth? But a real one, not the plastic ones at Forever 21." Then I got an e-mail from the folks at Beetle and Floor. The artist Christine makes porcelain casts of muskrat and skunk remains. The skunk jaw even has gold teeth. She also makes casts of animal skulls that would look marvelously interesting on a coffee table or a book shelf. Don't think that you can only gander at them longingly, I've found her prices to be quite reasonable (the jawbone pendents are $70.) I might have to buy myself a birthday present (which is tomorrow. Hint,hint.)

Check everything out here.


Anonymous said...

i think this a coolest jewelery i ever seen for this month...fantastic!

smalltownchic said...

i really love this!

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