Monday, January 4, 2010

Heart of Gold

I remember the first time I felt moved by Neil Young. I was in 8th grade. My mom was meeting with her co-workers in Barnes and Noble and I tagged along. I loved (and still love) sitting on the floor in a book store and flipping through giant (and expensive) art books that I hoped to someday afford. The meeting dragged on for hours. I was actually starting to get bored. And I was starving. Just then, the music changed. I'm the kind of person who likes to have a mental catalogue of musicians who seem to have passionate fans. I like to know their sound just enough and eventually check them out thoroughly. This was the case that very day. I recognized that it was Neil Young's voice, although I didn't listen to him much. I fell in love the with the live recording of his songs and looked for books about him. I flipped through the images and text for until the albums end. Then my mother called for me.


Carmen said...

Ah, I love Neil Young!! I used to sit on the floor at Barnes and Nobles in NYC flipping through books for hours when I used to live there. Loved it.

WendyB said...

Love him.