Friday, January 8, 2010

Something Old is Something New

I've admired that several bloggers have recently been writing about they're wardrobe staples instead of accumulating they're closets desires. Over the past few years I've slowly taken up this mind set quite seriously. But, I of course still like to buy something new once a in a while. Especially if I can get it for a steal. Here are a few things that I've picked up over the past few months.

This is my new favorite chocker (above.) It is actually a 'boot bracelet.' I bought the set for $10. I'm not sure what I'll do with the other one. I don't know if I'm a boot bracelet type of person but I will try out the look just once.

I love this belt. I had my eye on it all year. In November I decided that I had nothing else like it. I got it in a consignment shop where about half of my wardrobe has gone overtime. It was $25. I usually like to take my cash when my clothing sells (instead of accumulating more things) but I had more than enough store credit to cover it (yes!). I found it in the men's section (surprise, surprise) but it fits fine. The coins have eagles on them and the buckle is removeable.

I bought this clock key in an anitque store for $3. I originally alternated between hanging it from a chain and a strip of dark brown suede. I settled on using this leather cord that I took from a vintage necklace and I love it.


Carmen said...

Those are great, I love finding special things like that in the vintage, especially if the price is good

Anonymous said...

good job! i love ....hail DIY!

Susanna-Cole said...

Love the leather cord, fitted with the key! I have some keys like that, that I've been meaning to string and make into necklaces, for eons!


Susanna-Cole said...

P.S. Sorry, got a little ahead of myself with clicking "publish your comment" and meant to add... Thank you so much for your comment, and sharing your thoughts, it was lovely to read! Best to you for 2010! ♥

PrettyInBlack said...

I always love your comments Susanna! Thank you for sharing your perspective on such an amazing blog! Keep it up girl.