Thursday, February 4, 2010

Steam Punk, Forever

As I'm becoming a supporter of trashion, I've been looking at some crafty ideas on the net. SleeplessStoryteller has many gorgeous pieces crafted out of old clock gears and other recycled treasures on Etsy. My favorite by far is the above "Eternity" necklace. I'm in love with the simplicity of the design. You would think that such an interesting piece would be terribly expensive, but, SleeplessStoryteller has many edgy, beautiful items for quite fair prices. This beloved necklace is $25.


Susanna-Cole said...

I think some of the best jewelry is that made from recycled items! Plus it feels good to re-use! :)

Thanks so much for your lovely comment, dear, and for sharing your thoughts! Hope you are well! ♥


alixrose said...

I love recycled jewelry as well and this is something I would definitely wear.I will check this out for sure!

SleeplessStoryteller said...

Thanks for the link love for my shop! I'm enjoying your blog and I'll have to stop by again soon :)

Sukaina said...

Hm. Well, I have to say, 25 dollars is alot for that.
Even if it is that lovely.

But yeah, trashion is absolutely brilliant. It's not in your face environmentally inclined. I like that about it. I like how understated and cool it is.