Friday, May 4, 2012

Kelly Wearstler FA2012

I used to watch exactly fifteen minutes of Top Design.  I tuned in 45 minutes in so I could see what design judge Kelly Wearstler was wearing.  The ensemble that got me hooked was a plain white tee, grey skinny jeans, worn under a floral strapless gown.  It was a look somehow understated despite it's mixing of extreme high and low, street and classic, pieces.  When I heard that she was designing a line I was exstatic.

Wearstler's desings manage to be distinctly mod, rocker, classic, architectural and texutred all at once.  Each look has edgy roots without going Girl with the Dragon Tattoo over-the-top (not that that would be a bad thing).  Wearstler's downtown girl is still feminine and powerful. 

Clearly, Wearstler has a unique perspective and her interior expertise with color and shape has influenced each of her collections.  As demonstrated by my viewing behavior, I think changing clothes is more fun and easier than changing around a room.  Thanks Kelly for the fashion inspiration!  You rock, for real.  

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