Saturday, May 19, 2012

Piano Lady

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It took me a very long time to appreciate Tori Amos.  She is the sort of musician whom many people know is revered and special even if they have yet to listen to her.  Upon first listen I was a little confused.  I was told that she was a feminist, but my middle school aged brain couldn't understand why there were no raucous guitars, no thundering drums, just this nice music.  I'd avoided the piano because every girl I knew was proficient.  It was the girl instrument.  So, I picked up the every-boy instrument, the guitar, and didn't listen to Amos for years. 

In college, I realized that strength did not mean being masculine, and that feminists do not need to have tattoos and play rock rock music.  Amos has a strength and a will about her is cultivated by her handling of the piano.  Some of the most hard-hitting songs are piano-only ballads with soaring melodies and delicate vocals.  Through listening to Amos, I learved that some of the strongest songs in this world are the quiet ones. 

After some time, I began to discover much about myself through playing that piano.  The gentle and the strong collide like a painting in lilac, violet, crimson red, and cobalt blue.  Thank you Tori Amos for being there in my car stereo.



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