Saturday, March 16, 2013

From Black to Blond

 When Alison Mosshart first debuted her blond locks a while ago I was a little shocked.  Soon after, I wasn't. 

She is part of the reason why I started this blog.  The intersection of music and fashion, most importantly rocker style, was what I saw in her.  Her torn jeans, perfect worn tees, and leather jackets were down to earth, yet performance ready.  Those were the days when I shunned make up and only wore pants, much like Miss Mosshart.  Like Alison, I later came to embrace make up and wear something besides pants, though I had declared that I never would. 

Even through the changes, she is still an icon who I admire.  I still scour thirft shops for perfectly worn in tees, or wear my own until their just right.  Though I've replaced jeans with leggings, I can't help but covet her green leather motorcycle pants. 

To my young ears and eyes, the music of The Kills, like her on-stage presence, was shocking .  So, Alison Mosshart making a statement is really no big.  It's just her.  For that, she is inspirational.

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Unknown said...

I would like to meet you as you see the same in this band as i do. put into words great. good article