Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spandex Wonders

When leggings came back in fashion about 5 years ago there was debate about the garment.  Some called it a sausage casing for the body, others a remnant of the '80s not to be revisited.  Still, others embraced leggings for their versatility.  Kat Von D has worn just about every type of legging in every way imaginable.  The variety of weight, patterns, and colors can be worn with dresses, skirts, and other any other asymetrical, tattered, or patchworked fashion invention.  Now, much of the world is wearing leggings, and I'm no exception.  Thanks to cotton options I haven't worn pants in three years.
I support the sense of freedom leggings have brought to my ensembles.  It is because of them that I can wear short skirts and flowing tunics without feeling exposed or claustraphobic.  My wardrobe has now been altered to a nearly year long state of staples, all because of the warmth, coverage, and breathability of the legging. 


 *photos from tumblr

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