Monday, June 4, 2007

All Tomorrow's Parties: BRMC, Cobbs, Dead Combo

On June 1 I saw the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Cobbs and Dead Combo at the Fillmore/Theater of Living Arts. After security hounded me because of my 'big old fashioned camera' I had some good merch table conversation with the frontman of Dead Combo. Dead Combo opened with an infusion of blues and rock n' roll with a dash of metal. They were dressed to dirty rock star perfection. When they walked off stage inside I said "No! I don't want this set to end!"
The Cobbs played next. They took me to another world with their folky and psychadelic tunes and their very vintage look. There was something really peaceful about the music that came inside me and made me part of the experience. I left with their record "Sing the Deathcapades" which I highly recommend.
The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played a fantasic two hour set that I couldn't help but dance to. They played their drown-in-sound blues songs, back porch foot stomping bluegrass and rock n' roll tunes to perfection. They were dressed in their timeless monochromatic black uniform and killer cool motorcycle jackets as usual and walked onstage through artificial fog. All of this gives them an air of mystique. To me they're a group of fantastic musicians who materialize on a stage after dark. Check to see if this tour is coming to your town.

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