Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Icon: Wendy James

This pretty punkster formed the band Transvision Vamp with then boyfriend Nick Christian Sayer in the seventies. She had been singing Patti Smith covers in local bars and had little songwriting experience. But in a group setting creative minds worked together to make the album "Pop Art" with a top ten hit "I Want Your Love." The release of Transvision Vamp's second album, "Velveteen", led to the number one hit "Baby I Don't Care". The next two singles flopped and the band played a farewell tour supporting the Buzzcocks. In desperation Wendy wrote a letter to Elvis Costello asking for guidance and he wrote an entire album for her that didn't do very well on the charts. After another musical defeat Wendy pulled herself up by the boot straps and learned to write and play her own music. She formed the band Racine out of her own blood, sweat and tears and it shows. She went to hell and back for sake of rock n' roll and did it with an understated punk fashion sense and a dash of glam. Now at the age of forty she's living her dream and has never looked better.


Alison said...

Wow shes totally gorgeous! Good style too

Emma said...

Fab blog. And that last leopard print coat is amazing, very Margot Tenenbaum.

molly said...

she is so badass
thats rocknrollll

alluretone said...

i love her style, she pulls it off very well. love the jacket in the first picture, she just looks very badass with her guitar, shades and her perioxide blonde hair!

Tru said...

gotta love a girl with a bit of edge too her

Candid Cool said...

The 2nd shot is just plain cool

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the photo after the writing so pretty her pout is amaze

Robin said...

Sequined skeleton outfit? Yes please.

1AMcoffee said...

great style shes beautiful, I didnt know her

Matthew said...

I have always lusted after Wendy James and have a hot performance of "I Want Your Love" on totp on video. Wendy James totally rocks and looks great.

WendyB said...

This woman is too beautiful!

DryBaby said...

Thanks V Much for using some of the images I POSTED onto the internet years ago..

(I am NOT joking by the way..I uploaded them while working on the (long dead) Wendy James.Nu site in the late 90's)

The names DryBaby..


The biggest Wendy James site(s) on the net..

(Once again NOT joking..it is HUGE!!!)

Check out ALL the 100's of images..

Many,Many Videos..


and numerous interviews..

You might wanna recheck some of your "facts" in the blog write up though..

(You've based it on what I like to call "Wendy Truths" rather than what ACTUALLY happened..kay?)

"This woman is too beautiful!.."

Wanna bet..?



and recently (Oct 2008)


Don't base your appreciation on 20 year old photos and currently "doctored" ones..

You just look foolish and gullible..

This is what Wendy looks like in 2008.

(funnily enough she wasn't too keen these photos got seen anywhere..odd huh?)

She has a nice "drug hobby" nowadays..

She recently SHUT DOWN her official site..

(Dec 12th in fact..!)

Enjoy the site(s)..


DryBaby said...

where DO those crazy kids get their WENDY JAMES photos from..?



See now..?


atomik said...

It may be worth noting that, over the years, 'Drybaby' as he currently refers to himself, has conducted some sort of obsessive, self-loathing, hate-filled obsession with respect to Ms James. He has sabotaged a number of sites, in one instance spinning at great length, for some months, a claim that he had a contract to publish a book on Wendy James. To 'prove' this he forged and uploaded a contract clearly bogus to anyone even slightly knowledgeable about publishing. He is a quite spectacular extraordinarily hateful and self-loathing troll, and I would respectfully suggest he be treated as such, and no credence whatsoever assigned to his assertions. Think of him as yet another example of the sorriest spawn of the net.
~ Big Al

DryBaby said...


Your names keeps popping up on my Wendy Radar today...

I don't actually READ any of the comments but I support the people's right to say good or bad things..

So how do I know about folks like you..?


(Well..I get a little note each time someone responds to MY comments worldwide which tells me who they are and where...see?)

You will have to do BETTER than those "words" above to get free positive P.R for the album next year...

(Retro Universe in Australia too?..pointless..1000's have gone through that link..and 1,000's more will..)

Would you like me to email you a list of where DryBaby is linked and mentioned worldwide..?

It would save you a LOT of Google time..

No biggie..

It would be my pleasure..

Frankly this is just plain SLOPPY and OBVIOUS..I think you'd agree.


It's DryBaby you're dealing with..

So you'll have to bring your A game at all times,Atomik..

I am razor sharp..


Careful you don't get cut..

Holly Vincent sends her love..

Check it out for yourself..


Razor sharp.

Official site is still gone though isn't it no matter what you have written..?



Not there...as in...gone.

You'd agree with that wouldn't you..?


Was it destroyed in an Atomik blast..?

(I couldn't resist..you left yourself wide open for that kick in the ass..)

DryBaby isn't gone...

Still here.

By the way did you write something witty and clever above..?

I didn't read it..

and I assume only me (and the person who runs this blog) gives a shit about it anyway..?

(Even I wouldn't even KNOW about it except for the little notes I get...)

See ya

(Maybe over at Retro Universe if I've got the time..)


Atomik said...

umm that's okay but amongst yer othr issoos u seem to be literally paranoid
whoever you think i r
i'm not
tho i suppose a paranoid world view is reassuring as then It All Makes Sense
and no it's ok i'll pass on your challenge i'm sure i could never ever met ur standards of wit and eloquence
now you have a nice day now mr pinkerton
cya wen babe ;)

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