Friday, June 8, 2007

Icon: Siouxie Sioux

You may know Siouxie Sioux because of the Banshee's but she was known by the punks in London for her eye catching fashion sense before her first gig. She played an unrehearsed set at the Punk Rock Festival in the 100 Club in 1976. She toured with the Sex Pistols as a member of Bromley Contingent for a short time before forming Siouxie and the (very well dressed) Banshees. In a review in the NME it said that they're music "could take your breath away". But life wasn't so eventful for her growing up. She was often left to take care of herself because her father was an alcoholic and her mother had to work alot. He passed when she was fourteen. As a teen Siouxie was a loner and immersed herself in music. Her favorite artists were Lou Reed, T. Rex, David Bowie and the Stooges. She became one of the pioneers of fetish fashion and partied at gay disco's. Siouxie always used her air-born hair to make a statement and never had to worry about bad hair day's. She rocked voo doo-esque jewelry better than anyone I know. Her exagerated egyptian make up wouldn't be comple without it. Siouxie's look represents the second wave of counter cultural fashion in the 20th century. Punk was about way more than fashion but I'll do a feature on that later. For now get inspired by Siouxie and her scene at (All images from this site)


Joyce said...

Rock and roll babe!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

omg i love her i love the banshees too

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