Saturday, May 3, 2008

Boy Boy

Morphine Generation

For Spring Eric Hart fantasized about a love between Ian Curtis and Jane Birkin on a cruise to Africa. In this collection he incorporated striking colors and African prints into his mostly grey-scale pallet. Bermuda shorts (which I think are quite stylish and neat for men and something Ian would have worn on a cruise) are kept casual and cool with kooky, creepy t-shirts (possessed Ziggy Stardust anyone?)

Even though I've only seen pictures of Ian Curtis wearing a button down and trousers I could see him wearing most of this collection. I think he would have been into the jackets and bermuda shorts combination. The accessories would have been great for him too. I love the Ray Bans and fedoras but I don't really dig the silver bag. I prefer men with a briefcase or messenger bag.

Lad Musician

This season I love Lad Musician's line of Rolling Stones t-shirts with the quintessential tongue as well as the Stones in action. For the main collection "Sunshine and Shadow" they strayed from their usual rock n' roll feel and created something nostalgic like old photos of Bob Dylan. Some people see this collection as a disappointment. The simple suit looks are, well, simple and the preppy schoolboy ensembles are classic (think Dead Poet's Society) but I like the '50s feel of other looks collection. Denim shirts are light while jeans are mostly dark. A green sweater with navy trousers can be boring but the bandanna around the neck with a pair of trusty ray bans tucked into the collar brings forth a James Dean coolness. One of my favorite looks is the grey trouser shorts and dandy shoes thrown off by a screen printed t-shirt.

Hysteric Glamour

Hysteric Glamour is one of my favorite labels. The clothes make me want to take a look at the designers record collection. This season they have amazing t-shirts as usual. There are quite a few Kurt Cobain designs, one Bob Dylan with the lyrics "Everybody must get stoned" on the back and a Ramones comic strip shirt titled "The Blitzkieg Bop!!" They all come in black and white or (my favorite!) purple. I'm not a fan of polo's but I do bear a certain affection for they're design with "Detroit Kill City 1968" printed on the back. The highlight of the collection for me is the biker jacket that comes in red, white and black with gold hardware.
As usual they keep it real by distressing the jeans in a way that does not cross the line between reality and fashion but manages to still look interesting yet authentic. My favorite detail is the row of silver spikes lining the right pocket. The guitar pick necklaces and Ramones ring are the icing on the cake for Hysteric Glamour this season.


Anonymous said...

I like! It's just too bad the guys in my city don't dress like this. I wish they did so I could steal their clothes!

Rollergirl said...

Cute indie boys? What's not to like?! (PS, I've just tagged you!)

style.street said...

wow, reading that was wonderful. you said that you'd love to raid the designers record collection but i'd love to raid yours! that trench looks so ian curtis. and that blonde boy on the runway, when he's wearing shorts and black shoes, looks a little like layne staley.

WendyB said...

Cool stuff.

Stefanie said...

I just found your blog by google-image-searching pictures of alison mosshart to put on MY blog. And, well, I think we may be the same person. Like you, my style icons also include VV, Lissy Trullie, Natasha Khan and Scout Niblett. Wonderful blog. You'll definitely be linked on my page!

Sister Libby said...

Hysteric Glamour=Perfection. Basically.

Goodbye Henry Detamble said...

Ah, just what I was hoping for! This is a terrific post, but I am biased because I am a boy. It's nice to see women appreciate this sort of fashion aesthetic on guys. Nothing will ever live up to the legacy of Cloak or anything Hedi Slimane touches, but these are great options to fill those voids. I especially like the Hysteric Glamour tees.

Thanks again for the well wishes, seems your prayers worked! If/when I do hit the road, I will definitely return with blogworthy items. But no set date yet for my trip.

Hope you're well!

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