Monday, May 19, 2008

Keep On Your Mean Side.....

"Normally it takes us longer to put the artwork together than the actual recording of the record and we have to wade through roomfulls of photographs and paintings and scribbled rantings and collages made from napkins and matchbooks or whatever. So yeah, mostly we’ve been buried under a mountain of art junk, trying to condense it into a booklet."

"We wrote and wrote until the music sounded ugly to us. That was the moment we felt like we were on to something. "

"Jamie was messing around with the MPC 60 for the first time, so it was cool what he came up with naively. Usually to be naive is a great thing ‘cause you come up with stranger stuff."

"The internet changed all that. It took all the secrets and myths away and turned everything into gossip.....There's not any room for myth building or word of mouth anymore."

-'Sup Magazine

The rest is here.


no wow said...

I love them.
live they were amazing!

Diana Coronado said...

Awesome !!

deexdeexdreamer said...

is it wrong to love Hince as much as i do? Sorry Kate

Anonymous said...

I recently saw them on MTV canada, I had no idea Jamie was so charming. You really can't tell in photos - he always looks so serious. Definitely upped the sexy factor for me.

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