Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Love Hysteric Glamour

My longtime readers know that I love Hyster Glamour. Their t-shirts designs are perfect in my world. I'm a total advocate of, "Every is free to have their own style" yada, yada. But when I see someone with a shirt that says "Punk" on it a hundred times (and if it's written in pink) they remind me of thirteen year old mall rats. Hysteric Glamour avoid this pitfall by having a picture of the musician (sometimes Sue Rynski photos) on the front of the tee and lyrical reference on the back. If anything is written on the front it is (of course) a song title. Their simpler approach to the rock n' roll tee is what spurred my love. New desings just make it grow.
Aside from their music designs, text on the garments is still pretty minimal. The title of the line is what first intrigued me. I interpret it to mean glamour that doesn't take itself too seriously is maybe a bit kooky. I think this fits the design approach. My favorite designs are the "Metal Glamour" tee and the "Smoking Kills" tee that looks more like rebellion than a public service announcement.


Kira Fashion said...

fantastic rocker t-shirts :)

a kiss for you!

luyi said...

i had some of their t-shirts.

they are expensive to me as t-shirts.

btw, i think their ad is quite good as well.

kimberly said...

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