Friday, December 26, 2008

All the lights are going on now...

^odd collage with my Christmas tree in the background by me.
Hello readers,
I was too wrapped up in the festivities to post yesterday. I had a great time with my family. We opened our gifts while listening to Jeff Buckley. I'm grateful for everything but especially in love with my new book 'M.' It is the graphic novel adaption of a Fritz Lang detective film from the 1930s. It also happens to be illustrated by the amazing John J. Muth (I used to be a graphic novel geek. Don't judge me!) Surprisingly, my unfashionable brother managed to buy me a really cool belt all by himself! He's been doing this Bruce Lee workout since August and his clothes are now too baggy. I bought him a tight Foo Fighters shirt so he can get a girlfriend. (By the way Molly, he loves War and Parliament Funkedelic and has a 'fro. Too bad you guys live so dang far apart!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families! And hats off to those of you who spent your time making a better day for the less fortunate (unlike selfish me.)
Now I share with you my favorite Christmas song.


Anonymous said...

in answer to your question, the music playing on my blog is from memoirs of a geisha (the first song). its called The Chairman's Waltz. the second one is from one of my very favorite composers, chopin. its called prelude in e minor.

Anonymous said...

Yay Jeff Buckley!Although, it annoys me how people have only started listening to him becuase of the X Factor uprising. The winners instant fame really gets to me!Glad you had a nice Christmas.I am also a total graphic novel freak-my favourite is Spiderman, you?

d. said...

I love the film 'M', though I believe Fritz Lang directed it...I may be wrong. My brother, too, is unfashionable and ironically did buy a Foo Fighters shirt a couple of months ago.

And of course, what Christmas isn't complete with a little Jeff Buckley and The Raveonettes?

I hope your holiday was great; have a happy new year!